I’m currently writing my book Your Exit Strategy, Helping Families Plan Your Final Days. Please take a look at the Table of Contents mindmap, the Introduction mindmap and the Introduction itself on the drop down menu from the Book tab.

Thank you,

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2 thoughts on “Book

  1. Tacy Telego

    Hi Elizabeth
    I got right in and read a couple blogs. I found it interesting that the landing page (from my iPhone ) was the list of blogs not a home page. Was that what you intended? I eventually found the book info. You have posted more frequently than I realized SO I must not be getting notifications. How do we set that up? I checked Notify me of new posts; I’d that enough? Tacy

    1. Elizabeth Hurlow-Hannah Post author

      The new landing page will soon be the HOME page, and you’ll see the cute picture of Zander and his poignant question. I hope by now you are a registered Blog reader. I plan to write some new posts this week!


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