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“Help me take care of my pets, and find them good homes when I die.”

An explanation from Elizabeth: I’d never be described as an animal person but as a hospice volunteer I know how distraught and worried the terminally ill become when separated from their pets. In 2009 Dianne McGill, President and Founder of Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) offered a revolutionary, formalized solution for other community hospice organizations.

Is your pet part of your family? The human-pet bond gives the patient a reason to get up each morning because caring for their pet(s) adds a sense of normalcy and stability to their day.
Friends may stop visiting because they’re too uncomfortable, and don’t know what to say. Not so with the four-legged creatures! As Mary explained: “My pet’s my lifeline. When I’m overwhelmed with anxiety about my diagnosis and treatment program, he’s totally devoted to me. I’m lucky not to be separated from him. His companionship improves the quality of my final days.” Research indicates that being assured their pet will be adopted by a loving family after they pass, is one of the most important pieces of unfinished business.

PPOM is the patient’s advocate. They explain to family and friends the value of the bonding between patient and pet. PPOM’s unique turnkey approach provides nonprofit hospices and palliative care organizations with startup funding. They launch local programs, train volunteers to help patients with their pet care needs, and find new forever homes after the patient’s death. This practical, ongoing support alleviates the patient’s feelings of isolation and hopelessness.
Watch the newest video from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s public awareness campaign “Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice.”

Pet Peace of Mind is the focus of the newest video from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Maxwell Finds a Home was a local TV interview in Portland, Oregon. Dianne brought this Basset Hound, Maxwell, to explain how quickly he was adopted by a family with children, other pets living on a large farm. Once her dying wish was granted, that Maxwell would have a wonderful new life, she left this world a very happy woman. Read similar stories at

Click on this map to discover the resources within your own state. Want to initiate a program to receive or give help to a patient in need? There are PPOM programs in forty-two (42) states.

President Dianne McGill, founded this program in 2009. Pet Peace of Mind Willamette Heritage Center, 1313 Mill St. SE, Suite 304, Salem, Oregon 97301. (503) 363-0499