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Just as we left the Memorial Service for his Grandpa Kim, Zander looked up at the sky, and asked this question. Wouldn’t we love to look up and see our loved one beaming down at us?

Here are some of the topics we will cover in my upcoming Christian workbook, “Choose YOUR Exit Strategy” designed for families to share their End of Life wishes.

  • Biblical perspectives on Death and Dying
  • Generational influences
  • Identifying your fears
  • Understanding the five stages of grief
  • The five “must have” legal documents


Interested in booking a session with Elizabeth?   Please call 301.785.7619 or email us  elizabeth@yourexitstrategy.org

Presentation:  “How to have a calm and peaceful death–it’s all about planning.”

Presentation at Thousand Trails/Orlando April 27, 2015

Presentation at Thousand Trails/Orlando April 27, 2015

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    1. Elizabeth Hurlow-Hannah Post author

      Hi Jill:

      I’m going into my third year with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). I’m sorry–you must have me confused with another website. Your Exit Strategy is designed to open the conversations about End of Life planning. I did post an article I wrote a few years ago, “Breast Cancer Retrospective” –and now, it needs updating again!

      Good luck in your recovery! Stay vigilant. Keep up with the research on your specific type of breast cancer.




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